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  • Engineering and Contracting Services. Develop materials lists for project scope, project management and support.
  • Authorized dealer or reseller of products we offer so manufacturers warranties transfer to customer.
  • Management of projects to provide decision-making during project or process-improvement initiatives.

NAICS Codes - Engineering 541330;   Technical Consulting 541690;  Facilities Support 561210;

Systems Integration 541512;    Pro Audio/Video 334310;    Music Instrument Stores 451140 Instrument Manufacturers 339992;  Televisions/Electronics Stores 443142;  Electronics 334220

Professional Certifications;

ECATTS - Environmental Compliance Training

OSHA - Construction Safety & Health

QCM - Army Corps of Engineers - Construction Management

Previous Awards as Prime Contractor;

HE125419A0001 BPA Music Instruments DoDEA

36C24419P0301 Dept. Veterans Affairs NCO-4

W912LD-18-P-0046 USPFO-Rhode Island

PO 673-A80409 Dept. Veterans Affairs NCO-8

W911S2-18-P-1718 MICC Fort Drum

W911S2-18-P-1720 MICC Fort Drum

PO 590-A80223 Dept. Veterans Affairs NCO-6

FA302018P0059 Sheppard AFB 82 CONS/LGC