• Engineering and General Contracting Services. Develop materials lists for project scope, project management and support.
  • Authorized dealer or reseller of products we offer so manufacturers warranties transfer to customer.
  • Management of construction projects to provide decision-making during project or process-improvement initiatives.
  • We analyze problems as generalists and solve as specialists to provide clients the best available advice and support.

NAICS Codes for Professional Services; Engineering 541330 Systems Integration 541512

NAICS Codes for Pro Audio and Music Instruments; Stores 451140 Manufacturers 339992

NAICS Codes for Televisions and Electronics; Stores 443142 Manufacturers 334220

Related NAICS Codes 236210, 236220, 561210

Professional Certifications;

ECATTS - Environmental Compliance Training

OSHA - Construction Safety & Health

QCM - Army Corps of Engineers - Construction Management

Previous Awards as Prime Contractor;

W911S2-18-P-0423 MICC Fort Drum

W911S2-18-P-0252 MICC Fort Drum

W9127P-17-P-0098 USPFO-Virgin Islands VIANG

W911S2-17-P-0495 MICC Fort Drum

W911S2-17-P-0382 MICC Fort Drum

M00318-17-T-0006 MCBH-Kaneohe Bay

W912NS-16-P-0091 USPFO-Missouri MOANG

R16PX00384 DOI Bureau of Reclamation